Maroon is the fourth exposed from the reality show

Maroon is the fourth exposed from the reality show

Maroney, 56, was the fourth player to be eliminated from the “Brazil Masked Singer”. Tonight, the singer, the singer’s partner Bruno, performed “Boi-Bumbá” with the songs “Evidências,” by Chitãozinho & Xororó, “Borbulhas de Amor,” by Wagner, But he lost the musical battles and deposited the prize of 150,000 Brazilian riyals from reality show From Red Globo.

After the mask was revealed, the artist joked that he would get singer Simone and comedian Eduardo. Sterbitch to get your identity right. He also thanked him for inviting him to join the attraction Song. “Great pleasure,” he said. “This is a great joke for me.”

Correct guesses

The jurors Eduardo Stirbic, Rodrigo Lombardi, Simon, Tice Araujo and Gil de Vigor all hinted precisely at the name of the co-singer for the duet with Bruno.

“I’m Bruno and he’s a Maronite,” singer Simone joked, on The Pulse. Tais Araújo stated, “I think Simone was very accurate. It’s Marrone.” “Everyone is sure here that I’m going from Maroni,” added actor Rodrigo Lombardi.

During performances, Maron hinted at his identity by referring to him as an “urban legend” – a reference to the song “Ligação Urbana” with his partner Bruno.

He lived through many days of struggle and is now living in glory. He’s an urban legend, has been on successful charts and an entrepreneur.

The Masked Singer: Boi-bumbá has been eliminated from the reality of music

Photo: Playback / TV Globo

battle night

The fourth night of the masked fights of “The Masked Singer of Brazil” There were four masked men to show their musical performance on stage. reality Da Globo: Boi-Bumbá, Gata Espelhada, Monstro, Onça Pintada.

The four participants faced each other in two matches and the two least voted players won the chance to make a third bid. Thus, the judges managed to save one of the contestants, while the other said goodbye to the musical reality show.

Jacaré was chosen as the best night on the show, and won the privilege to participate in the fights of the fourth episode, but he put on a special exhibition on stage with the song “Bandido Corazón” by Ni Matogrosso.

Monstro and Boi-Bumbá opened the night of performances on stage at “The Masked Singer”. Monstro’s character sang “As Quatro Estações” to Sandy and Junior, while Boi-Bumbá sang “Evidências” by Chitãozinho and Xororó.

In audience favour, Monstro won the fight with 62% of the vote and put Boi-Bumbá to fight to stay on the program in the replay period.

After that, the jaguar and the silver cat took the stage for the second battle. Onça Pintada brought up the song “Garçom” by Reginaldo Rossi. The silver cat, in turn, sang “Bang”, from Anita.

Onça Pintada won the fight and moved to the next stage of “The Masked Singer Brasil” with 60% of the vote.

In the replay, Boy Bomba returned to the stage to sing Wagner’s “Borbulhas de Amor”. On the other hand, Gata Espelhada has shown all her musical talent through Alicia Keys’ “Valen” lyrics.

After a discussion by the judges, Gata Espelhada was rescued to continue “Brazil Masked Singer”. Boy Bomba is revealed in turn and Brazil discovers that the guest is singer Maroney.

“The Masked Singer Brasil”: Meet 12 Participants

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