“I’m a jerk,” Lizzie says after talking about Diane.

"I'm a jerk," Lizzie says after talking about Diane.

On this Saturday night, Diane Melo’s speech sparked the rebellion of Pune’s ex-Lesian Gutierrez. Together with others confined, the model met in a room”farm 13″ (RecordTV) to talk about the funny moments that lived so far inside reality.

Commenting on Gutierrez’s lipstick, Day mentioned that on one occasion, he looked like Joker, the American name for the character Joker. “Does she look like? How is that Movie? Joker? Joker”, disparou.

Shortly thereafter, Lizzie, who had a strong fan base for the model, made the first statement and was totally impressed with the episode: “I’m sick and tired of supporting people and getting stabbed in the back. Learning. I really believe. Everyone I consider has the same thing to me, And I know it wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last, but it still hurts. I was very criticized for supporting this person, and now this.”

Later, the castaway wrote in a series of Twitter posts: “I just saw something so disappointing and in a moment I’ll speak up. How disgusting! No words for what I just watched.” He continued, “I’m really despicable, I don’t know how I still support this person. Rico was never wrong, I apologize to my friend’s fans. No comment.”

paying off:

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