Marisa Monti protests Bolsonaro and praises electronic voting machines

Marisa Monti protests Bolsonaro and praises electronic voting machines

Singer Marisa Monti protested against the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) during a show in Oeiras, Portugal. On this occasion, the Brazilian artist praised the electronic voting machines and spoke about the importance of voting consciously in this year’s elections.

Marisa Monte was one of the attractions of the Jardins do Marquês Festival. During the performance, the audience chanted the choirs of “Bolsonaro from abroad”, as well as their support for the former president. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (in English).

Amid the political demonstrations, the artist took a stand and said that for her, Bolsonaro’s name would not even be mentioned in this show, but since the public took the initiative, she praised the freedom of expression guaranteed by democracy, praised opinion polls and spoke about elections.

“I, for me, is [Bolsonaro] He wasn’t even inside, I was leaving him outside. But it is very nice to live in a democracy and to be able to express ourselves in this way freely. We have to advocate for this a lot and this year we will be able to once again express all our wishes in this wonderful electronic ballot box. Who would have thought that we are here praising and defending the electronic voting machine,” he began.

“Not only will we choose the president, we will also choose all the positions in the legislature, they are the men who make the laws there in Congress and in the state assemblies, and those people, it is important that we improve the quality of our representatives there, are the men who are going to work with the next president, which I hope will not be This,” added the singer, who announced cheers for science, education, health, the environment, diversity and homosexuality.

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Marisa Monti’s position in defense of electronic voting machines takes place in the context in which President Jair Bolsonaro He made frequent criticism of the Brazilian electoral system, with attacks on the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal) and court ministers. Without evidence, the president has already questioned the fairness of the ballot boxes and Has made questionable statements about accepting the election result in October.

Carlinhos Brown

yesterday, A video clip in which singer Carlinhos Brown interrupted the shouts against Jair Bolsonaro in a show that echoed on social media, and the artist was criticized for containing the political demonstration..

Brown later expressed himself on Twitter and highlighted his stance on the left, as well as saying that his candidate in this year’s election is Lula.

Previously, Elba Ramalho He also criticized the protests against Jair Bolsonaro during a presentation in São João de Salvador.

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