Dwayne Johnson calculates the “problem” in his specific stomach

Dwayne Johnson calculates the "problem" in his specific stomach

Actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, explained why there is no definite “normal” belly. In an interview with Wired magazine, along with his partner, actress Emily Blunt film Actor Jungle Cruz, 49, explained that he actually hit the area when he was a professional fighter.

By reading the most frequently asked questions on this topic in google, The Rock laughed when I confronted him with a question about “what’s wrong” with his stomach, and he replied:

There is nothing wrong with them. Here’s the thing: I guess that’s because these Instagram fitness models have amazing six, eight, 12 or 24 abs. I’m five and a half years old, sometimes four and a half years old. The problem was, in a fight, I tore my upper thigh muscle off my pelvis. This caused a chain reaction and tore my abdominal wall. So I had emergency triple hernia surgery and they are not perfect buds. Dwayne Johnson

“It’s not his fault, you guys,” Emily Blunt said sarcastically. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2014, the actor recalled the conversation he had with a doctor after the injury:

I went for a check-up, I unbuttoned my pants, and the doctor said: This is a hernia. The abdominal wall becomes weak and your organs cut through. Then he said, “You need to lie down,” and slowly started pushing my intestines into my stomach, and then said, “I would really recommend an operation.” Dwayne Johnson

In addition to wrestling, The Rock has also been a professional player in football He told us about some of the injuries he sustained while playing sports.

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“I had a complete separation between my shoulders from my left arm, which required a complete reconstruction of my shoulder, and I performed on my knee five times and tore my Achilles tendon,” he said in an interview with Wired magazine.

“Is that the reason you have a fake leg?” Emily Blunt joked. “No, my legs are real,” replied the actor, laughing.

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