Valentina blasts Diane in Hora de Faro: ‘Cruel and prejudiced’

Yes, it seems that the friendship between Dian and Valentina You will not survive the end of confinement in Itapeserica da Serra! Former Stage Assistant to mouse software He made use of his pass through the board A Fazenda: Ultima Chance, from Faroese time, on Friday (11/19), to talk about everything you think about Diane Melo. Shocked by what she found out about the model, the ninth castaway from the country reality show Record TV made six negative references to her former ally.
Diane has been marked as irresponsible, cruel, opportunistic, manipulative, traitorous, and prejudiced by her ex-girlfriend. Another one that Valentina never spared is the ex-MTV gui arugu. The businessman and influencer received the marks of cowardly, liar, deceitful, deceitful, cruel, lazy, soapy, deceitful, cheater, and bad manners.


The Hora de Faro program with the participation of Valentina will be broadcast next Sunday (21/11) at 3:15 pm on Record TV.

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