Marcos Mione reveals who his partner will be on his trip to the United Kingdom

Marcos Mione reveals who his partner will be on his trip to the United Kingdom

After a trip to a paradise beach with his wife Susana Gullo, Marcos Mione discovers a new destination and with another partner; Look who she is

host Marcos Mione This Wednesday, the 29th, he revealed that he is taking another trip outside of Brazil. After enjoying Curacao, in the Caribbean with his wife, the model Susana GulloThe celebrity showed that he is going to the United Kingdom, but not with his loved one.

In his stories on the social network, the communicator posted a selfie on the plane and appeared with a woman by his side. Accompanying her this time is her middle daughter, a teenager Donatella MeoneAged 15, he appeared to be punching next to his father.

Very close to the heir, Marcos Mione has spoken many times, and in his book about the father he values ​​the very close relationship with his daughter. The host mentions providing moments between them and treating her like a princess.

A few days ago, after traveling with his wife with three children, the artist posted a close-up photo of them to show how they look.

It is good to remember that Marcos Mione and Susana Gullo are the parents Romeo19 years old, Donatella Meone15 years old, and Stefano, 13. The older man is autistic and the couple fights over sharing information with the public. In 2018, the celebrity presented a project on autism at São Paulo City Hall, helping families dealing with the disorder.

Marcos Mione shows no qualms about throwing a party for his daughter

host Marcos Mione Last year he threw a lavish party to celebrate his only daughter's 15th birthday. Donatella Meone. Global has shared a video of her dancing the waltz with heiress and talks about the importance of the event in a woman's life.

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From the point of view of celebrities, the celebration is more important than the wedding because it will end at some point, but there will be no memory for 15 years. Marcos Mione also commented that a big party is not necessary, however, it is necessary to encourage a special moment for his daughter at this important stage.

“I will prove that the most important party a father can throw for his daughter is not the wedding! The truth is, the wedding is not for the father and his daughter. It is about the family formed by the addition of the daughter. The only moment about the father's relationship with his husband is the 15th birthday party.”He began by explaining his point.

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