Marcos Millon is set to introduce two other attractions at Globo

Marcos Millon is set to introduce two other attractions at Globo
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Marcus Mion really has the ball. The recently designated Rede Globo, along with Caldeirão, has been moved to offer other important attractions at Rio Station. If everything goes as planned, the animator will be in front of two of the biggest music festivals in Brazil.

The arrival of Marcos Mion promises to move Globo behind the scenes more than he could have imagined. In addition to an elegant style reception that includes an acoustic car and a red carpet, The presenter was received live during the “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” program by the presenter of the Morning Attraction.

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Set to premiere in September, Luciano Huck’s replacement in the new “Caldeirão” is unable, nor insistent, to hide his happiness at hiring the Rede Globo. In his first appearance on his new network, Fatima told Bernardis about the realization of his big dream:

How sexy! Anyone in the house recognizes me. Being at Globo was more than a goal, it was a dream. Many times I thought this wouldn’t happen, I’m enjoying every second of what I’m living now because it’s the path of a lifetime to reach Globo. Looking back now, it’s easy to say it was easy, but I had to say several things. it’s my dream“.

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After a long journey on television, with great clips on MTV and Record TV, where he gained national fame by presenting the programs “Legendários” and “A Fazenda”, Marcos Mion has arrived in his new home with the task of leading one of the finest programs on the Rede Globo.

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Latest darling network Dos Marinho is so appreciated that the directors decided to increase the participation of the presenter in the Globo network. According to the information revealed by the portal TV news, Marcus Mayon will be the new presenter for the Rock In Rio and Lollapalooza festivals, which are set to take place in 2022.

Also according to the site, the choice was based on the past of Mion, who presented programs on MTV and for the ease of communication with the young audience, whom he spoke to during his long work on the music channel. In addition to presenting the best moments of Rock In Rio on Open TV, the presenter will also participate in the coverage that will be presented by Multishow.

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