Marcio Poncio talks about his ex-wife’s stay in a psychiatric clinic | Column Fabia Oliveira

Marcio Poncio talks about his ex-wife's stay in a psychiatric clinic |  Column Fabia Oliveira

The patriarch of the Poncio family, Bishop Marcio Poncio, spoke on social media, Tuesday night (4), to talk about the hospitalization of his ex-wife, Simone Poncio, who is being treated for depression. She was admitted to a psychiatric clinic, with the support of her daughter Sarah Poncio, to have her overused antidepressant removed from her body.

“Simon Ponceau, we are here for you, as you have always been for our family. We know that in life we ​​suffer adversity as the Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 11:26 when he says: (Sometimes we go through perils on journeys, dangers in rivers, dangers among thieves , and dangers among opportunists, dangers among dangers. Nations, dangers in the city, dangers in the desert, dangers in the sea, dangers between false brothers.) This is part,” he wrote.

He continued, “We know that Jesus endured everything with love and mercy and we will not lack that at this time. When he won, I believe we will win. Wait, we have been through a lot together. We will surely overcome this stage of illness as well, bearing witness to all the wonders of God.” “.

The devout ended his letter asking a fan of the Poncio family to pray for Simone. “I ask for your prayers for her, who is now hospitalized and undergoing treatment to remove overused antidepressants, at a clinic in Rio.

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