Marcio Garcia says kissing Bolsonaro was a ‘joke’


Marcio Garcia kisses Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: reproduction

Marcio Garcia lamented the kiss given to Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. The actor says he’s not the creator of the pocket, but because of the video, everyone thinks he’s a supporter of the president. He tells behind the scenes of the photo:

“He asked for a picture and I said: Only if you accept, but you will not fall in love, because I am already married.” I went to make fun of him and got annoyed because what was recorded was the kissing scene.”

In an interview with Pedro Biel this Friday (24), Garcia said the case was a “joke” to “mock a homophobic thing”. “I’m not on the right, but I’m not on the left either,” he continued.

“We have to stop the polarization and understand that we all want the same thing: the good of our country,” he adds.

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Marcio Garcia did not deny that he voted for Bolsonaro

When asked about his position in relation to government, Marcio Garcia said he “always tried to see the best in everyone”. He did not say, however, what “best” the current government is. “I don’t have a pet policy and never will,” he says.

He did not reply or was asked if he voted for Bolsonaro, but he said:

“I will not seriously defend someone I have supported, because the one who deserves to be claimed is me, who casts the vote. If I cast someone’s vote, I must collect them.”

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Watch the video of Marcio Garcia’s kisses at Bolsonaro:

After the video, Bolsonaro himself mocked the episode:

The actor already supports Sergio Moro

Marcio Garcia protests in favor of Sergio Moro in Rio
Marcio Garcia at Morobloco in Copacabana (RJ). Photo: reproduction

Despite claiming to be neither left nor right, Marcio Garcia supported Sergio Moro before Bolsonaro. In 2017, he was one of the world class players who performed in a green-yellow jersey at “MoroBloco” in Copacabana (RJ). “Pet Politician” doesn’t know if he has it. Now, he was already a Pet Judge.

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