Manchester United under fire after the elimination and blames Rangnick – 16/03/2022

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A 1-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford in the Champions League round of 16 ended Manchester United’s last hope of winning the title this season. Far from being top in the Premier League and having already been eliminated in the FA Cup, the English club will end the current season without titles, even with a significant financial investment. The Champions League decline has led to a lot of criticism and a focus on one of the culprits: Ralf Rangnick.

The main newspapers in the United Kingdom, Wednesday (16), published analyzes and opinions on the participation of Manchester United in the Champions League. Former club players, such as Paul Scholes, have criticized the board’s choice to keep Ralf Rangnick temporarily until the end of the season. The situation is even worse considering the investment in names like Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho.

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? I don’t understand how Rangnick was chosen to coach the club? Paul Scholes told BT Sport? I honestly do not understand. Hiring an effective coach is very important for the team. There is a lot of talent at Manchester United, but they cannot develop it. The club needs to get close to the achievements and get the coach in the conditions. If Diego Simeone was to blame, were Manchester United ahead? Scholes concluded.

The club’s last victory was on May 24, 2017, in Solna, Sweden, when they beat Ajax in the Europa League decision, with a score of 2 to 0. At that time, it was Jose Mourinho who was in charge. After him, there were three different coaches and no titles were celebrated.

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In the same period, Manchester United made a large financial investment, which also did not result in achievements. By the way, this point was also heavily criticized by the British press, which highlighted the millions that were “thrown in the trash” by the English club’s board of directors in the appointment of new players.

At the start of the current season alone, 140 million euros (about 778 million Brazilian riyals) were invested in Jadon Sancho (85 million), Raphael Varane (40 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo (15 million). The value rises even more with other season signings such as Donny van de Beek (39m), Harry Maguire (87m), Bruno Fernandes (63m), Wan-Bissaka (55m), Fred (59m) and Lukaku. (84.7), Matic (44.7), Lindelof (35) and Alexis Sanchez (34).

Among these players, some have built or built a positive path, but others have not even found space in the team. In addition to Manchester United’s excessive spending, the qualities of some of the reinforcements have been called into question. For next season, the club will also invest in a new coach, and at the moment, Erik ten Hag and Mauricio Pochettino are cited as the main targets.

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