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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McKellhenny announced their unexpected transfer to buy the Welsh soccer team Rexham into a TV series.

Welcome to Wrexham will report on the efforts of Hollywood actors, both new to British football, to improve the fortunes of the young club, which has never played in the Premier League.

Reynolds, super-comedy star of “Deadpool”, and McKellhenny, creator of the TV series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” bought Wrexham from the fans of the team in February.

The club said the representatives invested about $ 2.76 million as part of the acquisition.

“We can never own the third oldest club in the world. All we can do is try to improve the club for its real and eternal owners: the Wrexham community,” McLaheny wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

FX said the series “will follow Rob and Ryan’s intense cycle of owning a football club, the inextricably linked destinations of a team and a city with two actors to bring some hope and real change to the community that needs it.”

The channel did not mention when the documentary series will be shown in the United States or whether it will be available in the United Kingdom.

The actors announced the job in a controversial video on their social media accounts with the help of a Welsh translator. “There is no way these two can manage a soccer team. The person wearing the wig thinks Wells is in Scotland.”

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