Mancha Verde is a champion and won her second title in the Sao Paulo Carnival

Mancha Verde is a champion and won her second title in the Sao Paulo Carnival

The investigation of the Samba Schools dedicated to the São Paulo Carnival, this Tuesday (26th), this year’s champion Mancha Verde. The group was the third in last Friday’s show (22) and took to the street the theme of “Planeta Água”.

Under the direction of Paolo Ricardo de Moraes Bianchi, Mancha brought the plot to highlight the importance of preserving and appreciating vital natural resources for the human body and mankind.

“The scheme has two main aspects, one is religious, one is how water is introduced into different religions, and also, on the other hand, a current theme, which is scarcity, shows how water is mistreated by man,” Paolo said. Ricardo de Moraes Bianchi.

After half-reading the scores, Academicos de Tokorovi, Emporio de Casa Verde and Musedad, both from São Paulo’s northern region, were vying for first place.

However, after the results were released in the fantasy category, Mocidade took the lead and was joined by Mancha Verde in the fray. Since then, the school of the main organizing supporters of the city of Palmeiras has been grading in each class to the last element, the Front Committee. In tie-breaking criteria, the green and white team had the best and won their second Carnival title with 269.9 points.

samba words

oh mother
I see life reflected in your mirror
I came to ask for your advice
to wash my soul
In prayer I left my tears
For the sun god quarry
I asked heaven to take
Hope in Sirtau
Like a viola
Makes it rain in the heart
sweet mermaid eyes light
Look for the tidal effect
Reveal the magic…
Simplify your cloak in a corner of faith!

Yemen! Yemen!
Queen of waves, lady of the sea!
Yemen! Yemen!
In the blue of your secrets I also want to live

Not everything that flows is a storm
Not all crying is longing
I see the world in other colors
The tears that soak this land
seed fertilization
Under the cotton clouds
life cycle that drives mills
Many tracks back to one day
Down to earth, leaving a cry for humanity
noble preservation mission
Our future is our home!

Blessing water…purify
Water from the source of the river that flows into the sea
Planet water, the source of life
I’m Mancha Verdi and I’m killing my thirst in the street


Before the investigation, last Monday (25), the schools participated in a meeting with the Independent Association of Samba Schools de São Paulo and set the penalties for samba schools in the 2022 Carnival. The eastern region of the capital São Paulo lost 0.5 points.

Colorado de Brass was punished for one of the members displaying him wearing a T-shirt bearing the “Calvin Klein” branding, which according to regulations was described as commerce. On the other hand, Tatuapé received a penalty for using machines from the Liga-SP infrastructure in an allegory. At that time, the school used a tractor to move the car.

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