Man Loses 163 Kg In Two Years Without Surgery And Fights Excess Skin – Lifestyle

Man Loses 163 Kg In Two Years Without Surgery And Fights Excess Skin – Lifestyle

Cole Prochaska before and after weight loss
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The man became a true example of willpower by losing 163 kg in two years, without pleading pharmaceutical No surgery. Cole Prochaska, 38, a resident of St. Matthews, South Carolina (USA), weighs 265 kg and is now fighting the excess skin that remained after that. They lost weight much. He uses social networks to show the changes in his body and motivate other people who also want to change their lives.

“I weighed the equivalent of three men, and now I’m one. It’s really hard to share a shirtless picture, but I’ve made it this far! I know it’s hard for some of you to look. People didn’t believe me, but I believed in myself. I’ve never used steroids or had an operation.” He has surgery. This is my determination to get my life back and live like everyone else. You can do anything you put your mind to. I hope my story can inspire others caught in the same situation,” he says in his webs.

Cole is crowdfunding online to raise money to undergo at least three surgeries to remove excess skin, which will cost a total of $100,000 (about R$480,000 at current prices). As of the publication of this note, he had already collected $47,000 (about R$224,000).

“My target weight has been reached, but my life is not complete and will not continue until I get rid of this extra skin. I have to tuck the extra skin in my pants and still wear baggy clothes to hide the flank. 6 years, and at 38, I’ve never walked on the beach.” shirtless and I’ve always avoided pool parties. I’m still stuck,” he states.

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In an interview with Today USA, Cole said that the beginning of his transformation was the breakup of a seven-year relationship. “I knew she lost her respect for me because I was just a big person and I didn’t do anything, I didn’t go anywhere in life. I was trying to save the relationship. I didn’t save her, but I saved myself.”

He started walking a few blocks and increased the distance each day. The American also decided to eat healthy and cut out all sweets, snacks and sugary drinks. After that he joined the gym.

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