Ten people from one family were killed during the Israeli bombing of Rafah

Ten people from one family were killed during the Israeli bombing of Rafah

Among the martyrs of the Ayyad family, which was hit on Wednesday by the Israeli bombing, were five children, the youngest of whom was three years old.

In the early hours of Wednesday, 17 a.m The Israeli bombing led to the killing of at least ten people from one familyAmong them are five children, aged between three and 16 years. The attack occurred in the city of Rafah, located in the far south of Palestine. The mother of the family is missing.

Pictures published by CNN show the family's survivors Ayad Crying over the bodies of their dead relatives covered in white clothes. O Globo newspaper also quoted some Bodies torn apart.

We have recovered the remains of 12 people. There were women and children. We found arms and feet. They were all torn to pieces. This is terrible, this is not normal. The whole world is complicit.“, He said Abdul Jabbar Al ArjaA neighbor of the family in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

The Israeli bombing created a large hole in the ground, which was searched by children and adults, where they found rubble, a tarpaulin, and pink clothes.

According to the United Nations, family Ayad They took refuge in Rafah, after being repeatedly deported from northern Gaza, a situation that thousands of other Palestinians also went through when they were deported. They were expelled from their homes on orders from the Israeli army.

Recently, it was announced that the city would be the target of the next Israeli attack, under the pretext that the area is Hamas's “last stronghold” and that some hostages kidnapped in the October 7 invasion are being held there.

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According to the Israeli government, 129 prisoners, 34 of whom have died, remain in Hamas custody. In the last agreement reached between them, 110 people were released. No progress has been made in negotiations on a truce, and thus the exchange of hostages and prisoners, for months.

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Israeli bombing also hit Al-Mawasi refugee camp near Rafah, where thousands of displaced people have taken refuge. According to the Israeli army, dozens of “targets” were bombed in Gaza in the past few hours, including “terrorists, observation points and military installations.”

Also speaking to CNN, the Israeli Armed Forces also stated that they carried out an air attack on Thursday, the 18th of this month, on the Maghazi refugee camp, in the central Gaza Strip. 14 people were killed, including eight children.

In another area in Rafah called Al-Salam, on Tuesday the 16th, rescue teams found the bodies of eight members of one family, including two children and two women.

During the attack, Jamala Ramadan She woke up to her daughters screaming, “Mama, Mama, Mama.” The woman told AFP that while they were trying to escape, they found “parts and bodies scattered everywhere.”

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