Man adopts a strange lifestyle and starts eating raw animal testicles

American businessman Brian Johnson decided to radically change his life with his family. After their two children developed a severe allergic reaction, they decided to adopt a caveman-like lifestyle, with a rather strange diet.

“My wife and I were determined to confront the cause of the problem and didn’t want to test our luck again. We’ve already tried everything and that’s when our journey began,” said Johnson, who has cut back on processed foods and started eating fruit, vegetables and animal parts.

Although many people around the world eat animal proteins, the Johnson family decided to consume parts that were not very popular with people, such as the testicles of the animals he hunted.

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Johnson and his family also eat the liver and marrow of the animals the businessman hunts. And everything is eaten raw. According to him, social norms are just rules, the important thing is to get out of your comfort zone.

Johnson is known on social media as “King of the Liver” (King of the Liver, in free translation). In addition to eating, the family also changed other habits, such as getting more exercise, taking a shower in the snow, and being exposed to more sunlight.

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