Brazil follows 67th in the world ranking and fourth in total doses

A nurse presents a Covid-19 vaccine to women in Rio de Janeiro
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Brazil ranks 67th in the global ranking for the application of doses Covid-19 Vaccine This Wednesday (21) for every 100 inhabitants. The country, which began vaccination more than five months ago, was already 56th in this ranking and even dropped to 70th – and in recent weeks it took 68th.

Among the countries that make up the Group of Twenty, a group of the 20 largest economies in the world, the country ranks 11th. According to updated data by the agency CNNIn Brazil, there are 59.75 doses applied to every 100 people.

a Canada transcend United kingdom It is at the top of the list, with 121.92 doses per 100 people. The UK has 121.66. It is followed by Germany (103.98), Italy (103.70) in fourth place, followed by China (102.72). The United States came in sixth with a score of 101.21.

France (97.06) came in seventh, followed by Turkey (75.80). Saudi Arabia comes next, with 66.29 doses applied per 100 population. In tenth place, previously occupied by Brazil, shows Argentina, with 61.57 doses applied in the same proportion.

Vaccines panel shows Brazil’s standing in the COVID-19 vaccination rankings
Photo: CNN Brazil

Looking at the absolute numbers of vaccinations, China continues to lead the ranking, with 1,478,484,000 doses already applied.

In second place comes India, with 415.4 million doses applied. Then the United States with 338.4 million. Brazil remains in fourth place, with 126.5 million doses applied – the same situation if we consider the G-20 countries.

Germany came in fifth, with 87.1 doses applied. The United Kingdom ranks sixth, with 82.5 million doses applied in absolute numbers. CNN compiled the data with information from state health departments and the website Our world in dataAssociated with Oxford University, UK.

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