Malafaia includes Dubai in the script of the Holy Land and becomes a joke

Bolsonaro’s advisor, Malafaia, includes Dubai in a pilgrimage to “visit the places where Christ went” the same week the president was in the UAE capital. One follower asked, “And Jesus passed through Dubai? Where is this in the Bible?”

Forum portal – The insolence of Reverend Silas Malavia, advisor to Jair Bolsonaro (there is no party) has no end. In the same week that the president returned from a tour of the Middle East, passing through the United Arab Emirates, Malafiya launched a tourist convoy to the “Holy Land”, including Dubai among the destinations.. Will you be martyred and visit the places where Christ went? So, in 2022, join me in the caravan of Israel and Dubai! “

However, the announcement of the annexation of Dubai – the land through which only Mr. Yair passed – sparked indignation among believers and followers of the pastor.

“And Jesus went through Dubai? Zizi Maria asked the shepherd, Where is this in the Bible?”

“What does Dubai have to do with the Bible,” another follower, Will John, edited.

“He will have a holy dinner and preach in Dubai. He doesn’t even go there with the Bible,” joked Bio Darcisio’s profile.

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