Scientists have discovered the ideal temperature for life to arise on Earth

Scientists have discovered the ideal temperature for life to arise on Earth

One of the major topics discussed in the world of science today is the temperature of the planet and how living organisms exist in the world Land They can actually be affected by some changes.

Although some animals are well adapted to different conditions, there is an optimal temperature range for life to evolve.

Pleasant temperature for living organisms

Temperature balance in environment It is essential for good biological functioning, as altitude can generate an overload on systems and thus loss of efficiency in various processes.

This fact was revealed by New Zealand researchers who discovered a decline in marine diversity in the ocean temperature zone near the equator.

This points to the conclusion that the best functioning of biological processes occurs in cold regions for all organisms, whether aquatic or terrestrial.

Cold regions provide better conditions for biological processes – Image: Canva/Reproduction

Other research groups from different countries have devoted themselves to determining the ideal temperature for the growth of organisms.

They concluded that the ideal conditions for the reproduction of organisms are around 20 degrees Celsius.

The change in marine diversity in hot places is not a new fact, but rather it is becoming more present, as the oceans experience higher temperatures every year due to global warming.

Scientists pointed out that the consequences of this fact are the loss of algae diversity on the seafloor and even the decline of some fish species.

However, it should be noted that the effects of high thermal levels can affect terrestrial organisms more intensely, as they cannot change their territories easily due to the geographical difference between regions and the presence of civilizations, unlike Oceans.

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Many studies on this topic have not yet been developed, as the planet is heading towards a future with colder temperatures.

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