Main character designer's letters spark controversy over Concord

Main character designer's letters spark controversy over Concord

Jon Weisnewski, lead character designer at Firewalk Studios, was the subject of much discussion following the announcement of Concord. According to information issued by This is Park PlaceWeisnewski, known for his views on social issues, has been the target of criticism over the game's character design, which was revealed during PlayStation's recent State of Play video at the end of May.

Weisnoski has publicly expressed his belief that white people should acknowledge their privileged position and actively work for equality. He also described the judicial system as “white supremacist.” These opinions sparked huge discussions online, with some accusing him of letting his activist spirit negatively influence the game's creation.

Concorde's character designs were widely mocked on social media. In the RedditUsers criticized the aesthetics, with one calling it “the ugliest character designs I've ever seen” and others comparing it unfavorably to other games. At X, comments ranged from sarcastic praise of the diversity to outright condemnation of the artistic choices. Specifically, former World of Warcraft team leader Mark Kern commented on the exclusion of white characters from the game, stating that inclusion should not mean “racism against white people.”

Weisnewski's history on social media reveals an enduring commitment to discussing and combating systemic racism. In 2020, he said white people need to recognize their social advantages and use them to fight inequality. She also described many institutions and procedures, including police brutality and the criminal system, as manifestations of white supremacy. Despite the backlash, Wisnoski continues to stand up for his views, highlighting the importance of listening to marginalized communities and working toward social justice.

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Image credit: John Wisnoski/X

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