Google Photos will not be free after the next few days

Google Photos will not be free after the next few days
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Google Photos will no longer have unlimited free storage from now on.

The novelty was announced in November 2020 to the sorrow of many users.

Thus, as determined by the service, effective June 1, storage exceeding 15 GB will have a value assigned.

Additionally, files stored in the service are not affected until the deadline. That is, only photos sent from June of this year will be validated.

This number is higher than what can be verified in other services: Apple’s iCloud, for example, only offers 5 GB for free.

However, for those who want to pay for more storage, the cost-effectiveness of Google Photos remains very interesting.

What are the characteristics of each plan in Google Images?

Photo: Reproduction

Just for comparison: iCloud offers 50GB for R $ 3.50 per month; 200 GB for 10.90 BRL; And 2 TB for 34.90 BRL.

Hence, it is worth noting that the service is connected to Google Drive, Gmail, and other company platforms.

Additionally, for those with a 2 TB plan or more, a free VPN for Android or extra storage is offered.

Finally, another great news is that most users don’t need to switch to subscription plans right away.

Thus, according to information from the same company, 80% of people using the service do not reach the 15 GB limit for at least 3 years.

On the other hand, it is possible to circumvent the need to pay for more space, by simultaneously taking advantage of free plans for various services.

So, for those who use OneDrive and Google One with iCloud, 35GB of free storage will be added.

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How do you save pictures in Google photos?

Google Photos is the preferred tool for millions of users around the world when it comes to saving and organizing photos and videos of our lives.

It’s a more interesting service than “Gallery in the Cloud”, thanks to functions like “Memories”, a feature the platform adds and works.

It allows you to see the memories of a specific topic in the form of stories in the purest Instagram style.

Such as Diary From the platform adding value to the experience with the app for over a year, and over the months, we’ve seen how the app has created new groups on various topics.

Therefore, there are actually many themes for photos and videos that can be found in the app.

What are platform memories and how do they work?

At the top of the screen, you can find a bunch of featured photos: this is the section that Google refers to as “Memories.”

Hence, the theme is generated by Google through AI algorithms.

This way, they scan the image file for similar files.

Therefore, they do so in a way that they can be part of the same group within the platform.

All memory features are available in the pictures

In recent months, users of the platform have found many memories of various topics, including:

  • Sports scenes.
  • Downtown: City and Urban Skylines
  • In the spotlight: Shows at VivoAnd plays or concerts
  • Water: waterfalls, water parks and the like
  • Sand and sea: beachy views
  • In the countryside: plains and agricultural landscapes
  • Rollercoaster and attractions: theme parks and the like
  • The best of winter
  • Health !: Group photos in restaurants or bars
  • In the woods: views of trees or scenery
  • let’s play!: Toys board
  • On top of the world: on top of hills and mountain tops
  • The Magic Hour: Pictures and clips at twilight
  • What is cooking ?: In the kitchen, at the dining room table
  • Going out to play: Children’s play
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