Maelson says agreeing with Geddes’ ideas does not rule out his failure to make them a reality

Maelson says agreeing with Geddes' ideas does not rule out his failure to make them a reality

Former Finance Minister Melson da Nobrega He said Thursday the 13th that if the criterion followed was agreement with economic ideas, his vote would be for the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), as agrees with much of what the Minister of Economy thinks, Paulo Geddes. Minutes earlier, however, Maelson reiterated that he does not vote for the current president, as he considers him to lack the qualities necessary to rule the country.

Melson da Nobrega, former Minister of Finance take photo: Felipe Rao / Estadao

Maelson emphasized that while he is in line with Geddes’ ideas, this does not rule out the assessment that the current minister has failed to make them a reality. “Paulo Guedes’ problem was that he did not know how to combine political institutions with a liberal agenda similar to the one that worked in the United Kingdom with Margaret Thatcher,” he said in a lecture to Paulo Geddes. Estadao course in economic journalism.

For the former minister, Guedes confused quantity with quality and the authorities’ focus on the Economy Ministry ended up dysfunctional. Maelson also noted Guedes’ desire to privatize all state-owned enterprises and assessed that it was essential to have a president with the power to persuade society. “The majority of Brazilians are not yet convinced that Petrobras should be privatised.”

From this point of view, for Maelson, Guedes failed as minister. The economist also mentioned that the Minister of Economy was a tool for the attempt to re-elect Bolsonaro. He worked for the approval of all populist measures to make room for public spending. He did something unworthy of a liberal like him who lags behind in the camps.”

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For Maelson, if Bolsonaro can be re-elected, it could be an opportunity for Guedes to conduct a review, in order to make up for the mistakes he made and the promises he made and didn’t keep. “It will be a new opportunity for Guedes if he is able to land on the ground and build, together with the president, the conducive political environment to agree to his ultra-liberal agenda.”

The former minister considered that his criticism of Geddes does not exclude respect for the economist.

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