Ma Mazzafera updates her health condition after undergoing surgery | celebrities

Ma Mazzafera updates her health condition after undergoing surgery |  celebrities

Ma Mazafira Reproduction/Instagram

This Wednesday (17.04), Ma Mazzafera posted an update on her health condition on her Instagram stories. The influencer revealed that she underwent surgery, which led to her becoming temporarily blind due to a medical error.

She warned that she is already regaining her sight and is much better, and that once she fully recovers, she will share with her fans everything she went through.

He explained in the post: “Unfortunately, I will confirm this latest news, but don't worry, I'm fine. I'm not as blind as they say.”

“In an operation I had in Curitiba, due to a medical error or a mass error, I lost my sight. However, I went to another hospital on the same day. I can see almost normally. Again, do not believe everything you read. I will come and tell you everything myself, “I'm really improving and I want to share everything with you.”

Maya Mazzafera – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Ma spoke out last Monday (15.04) for the first time after it was revealed that she had undergone gender reassignment surgery. She neither denied nor confirmed this information.

“Sometimes, what we need is to return to our mothers womb…but that option is not possible. I was alive and not living. I had to take a break from everything to find myself. It was that or go away to another plane. I needed to Stay away from the Internet and treat myself.”

In addition, she was going to have feminizing surgeries and silicone implants in her breasts.

Post Ma Mazzafera – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram


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