Lula's government activates Petrobras to help Javier Miley and avoid an energy collapse in Argentina

Lula's government activates Petrobras to help Javier Miley and avoid an energy collapse in Argentina

247 – Amid the natural gas crisis in Argentina, the Brazilian government quickly intervened to prevent an energy collapse in the neighboring country between the two main members of Mercosur, despite the absence of direct dialogue between Presidents Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the extremist party. Right-winger Javier Miley.

according to CNN BrazilOn May 22, the Argentine Emergency contracted a ship carrying 44 million cubic meters of LNG from Petrobras amidst unusual consumption due to extreme cold not recorded in decades, on the eve of winter, when demand for LNG is very high. Gas for heating is increasing significantly.

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According to the report, the gas shortage has already begun to paralyze industrial activity, causing queues and closing gas stations. On Tuesday afternoon (28), a Petrobras vessel arrived in Argentine waters, attached to a regasification boat, ready to unload LNG. However, Petrobras rejected the letter of credit from the Banco de la Nación presented by Enarsa, Argentina's state-owned energy company, demanding a new document.

As the situation worsened, Brazilian diplomacy was called in. The president of Inarsa contacted the Brazilian ambassador in Buenos Aires, Julio Betelli, and Argentine Chancellor Diana Mondino requested assistance from Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira. Councilor Frillsero was alerted to the predicament. During a dinner celebration marking the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the United States.

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According to the report, Vieira contacted the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, and personally dealt with the case, coordinating with Petrobras to resolve the letter of credit issue. After extensive communications and negotiations, Inarsa issued a new letter of credit on Wednesday morning and supplies began immediately, alleviating the energy crisis in the neighboring country.

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“The sale of LNG between Petrobras and Anarsa took place as agreed in the contract. The two companies acted to enable the start of supply, which is already happening, in the shortest possible time,” Petrobras said in a note.

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Senior Brazilian government officials interviewed by the report stressed that the incident demonstrated the country's ability to manage crises through technical and commercial channels, regardless of political ties between leaders. This expression was praised by Casa Rosada spokesman Manuel Adorni, who publicly thanked Petrobras and Brazilian diplomacy for the quick resolution of the problem.

“We have to know how to be grateful and recognize when things are going well. It is a very sensitive issue, with a certain gravity, with the sectors that had to supply themselves with gas, and how quickly the problem could have been resolved with the government.” The famous letter of credit When we are happy about these issues, at such a critical moment, it is good to mention them and be grateful for them.

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