United already has a plan that does not include flying the Boeing 737 MAX 10

United already has a plan that does not include flying the Boeing 737 MAX 10

The airline, which was born inside Boeing, may turn back and abandon the largest 737 jet ever built, the MAX 10.

Disclosure – Boeing

In 2017, United Airlines, a company that grew out of Boeing decades ago but became an independent company after regulation in the United States, ordered 100 737 MAX 10 aircraft, becoming its largest customer to date.

This enlarged version of the 737 will be the largest version of the model ever built, carrying up to 240 passengers and will be a new version, unlike the Max 7, Max 8 and Max 9, which use the fuselage, respectively, of the 737-700. , 737-800 and 737-900, from the next generation series.

However, it could all be for nothing, according to the latest statement from United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, who said the issue with Alaska Flight 1282 with the 737 MAX 9 was… “The missing straw that broke the camel's back for us”Pointing out that the company's situation – which is the largest operator of Max 9 aircraft in the world – with Boeing was already sensitive.

In an interview with CNBCHe even made a very disturbing statement: “We will at least design a plan that doesn't have the 10 cap.”Pointing out that the company is already preparing for another long delay for the plane, or it may even abandon the plane, cancel the order, or switch to the already approved MAX 8 and 9 versions.

It is worth noting that United already has orders for the Airbus A321 Switching to more Airbus aircraft is something the company can do easily and without complicating its logistics.

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