Luiz Bacchi is the owner of a giant corporation that rivals the Outback

Luiz Bacchi is the owner of a giant corporation that rivals the Outback

The owner of a giant company that is considered a competitor to Outback and is known to many!

Luiz Bacchi, known as one of Record’s main presenters and having a notable influence on Brazilian journalism, in addition to being a presenter, is the owner of a restaurant that you may have already visited!.

The broadcaster surprised many by revealing himself as one of Mr. Austin’s restaurant partners. Located in Moca, São Paulo, this project was inaugurated in December 2021 and received an initial investment of approximately 12 million reais.

Mr. Austin aims to provide an authentic Texas experience to its customers, without having to leave Brazil or spend a lot. The whole environment is themed and offers a menu that highlights the famous typical barbecue from the United States.

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A prominent feature of the place is the children’s area, which is completely free and provides fun for children with a variety of games. This allows parents to enjoy the meal in peace, as the space has screens to supervise activities.

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Louis Bacci at his restaurant, Mr. Austin Steakhouse (reproduction/internet)
Louis Bacci at his restaurant, Mr. Austin Steakhouse (reproduction/internet)

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If you are thinking of visiting Luiz Bacci Restaurant, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly. Reservations can be made through Mr. Austin’s Instagram account or the restaurant’s website.

Mr. Austin’s restaurant is inspired by North American barbecue cuisine and follows the concept of famous steakhouses, without the gourmet excesses, serving classic and delicious burgers prepared on a charcoal grill. The menu includes many options, such as appetizers, salads, macaroni and cheese toasties and smoked meats typical of Texas, known for its barbecue tradition.

The quality of meat is one of the most important features of the restaurant, with the use of high-quality raw materials and Angus beef blends. In addition, the restaurant produces its own bread, pastrami and bacon.

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Among the dishes served, the Tomahawk stands out, which includes a portion of beef rib and ancho steak, known for its juiciness and marbling. The restaurant also serves a delicious vinaigrette and Mr. Austin’s farofa.

The project began with a promising future, with ambitious expansion plans over the next five years, as journalist Luiz Bache shared with us. The restaurant occupies an area of ​​700 square meters and can seat 200 customers comfortably. In addition, it has a designated children’s area, which can accommodate 80 children at one time.

Mr. Austin Steakhouse (reproduction/internet)
Mr. Austin Steakhouse (reproduction/internet)

Thus, Mr. Austin Restaurant stands out as a project that combines Luiz Bacci’s passion for the world of gastronomy and the authenticity of Texan cuisine, providing a unique experience to its customers.

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How does Luiz Bache live?

According to information received from the “Gerou Buzz” website, Luiz Bachi lives in a luxury penthouse apartment valued at approximately 5 million riyals. The applicant’s residence is located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in São Paulo, with an area of ​​more than 260 square metres.

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