We warn you: Disney (DISB34) raised its dividend by 50% after a balance that exceeded expectations – is there still time to invest?

We warn you: Disney (DISB34) raised its dividend by 50% after a balance that exceeded expectations – is there still time to invest?

a Disney (B3: dsp34 | New York Stock Exchange: Dis) issued its results for the first fiscal quarter of 2024 ending in December last Wednesday (7). It seems that the “magic” is back there, as are the numbers Exceed expectations.

Mickey Mouse reported Net profit: 1.91 billion US dollarsor $1.04 per sharehigher than the US$0.99 indicated in the forecasts provided by Bloomberg, in addition, 48% higher than what was submitted in the same quarter of the previous year.

As announced by entertainment giant A A 50% increase in semi-annual profitswhich will become $0.45 per share. The amount will be paid on July 25 of this year to the shareholder base at the end of the 8th of the same month.

But it seems that the result was not a “surprise” for him Enzo Pachecointernational equity analyst at experimental research, Group company BTG Pactual. He has already been recommending Disney stock since June 2023 to investors who follow the portfolio titled “Financial bets“.

This is a recommended portfolio from the analysis house that focuses on international assets, which investors can buy directly from Brazil and with Brazilian reals.

From its recommendation on June 5, 2023 until the last closing (02/07), DISB34 share rose 9%.

We have warned investors about this opportunity several times and those who followed the recommendation put money in their pockets during this period. look:

Source: Empiricus (04/01/2024)
Source: Your Money (12/10/2023)

If you had followed the analyst's advice after reading some of the reports above, you could still have made a profit of 8%, from December of last year until now.

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But, if you cannot achieve the above profits, there is no reason to “cry over spilled milk”. In the end, from Enzo Pacheco's point of view, Disney still has the potential to make good profits this year.

Below I explain what the analyst's forecast for Mickey is in 2024 and how you can access more analyzes like this.

Will the land of Mickey Mouse still be magical in 2024? See what this analyst says

Disney has started 2024 by bringing joy to investors, and for Pacheco, the trend is for the “magic” to continue over the next few months. Watch what he said after the company released its financial results in a recent note:

“A relevant part of the company’s growth, Flows They should continue to improve their results in the coming quarters. The sector is expected to report its first operating profit in 2024“.

In other words, the analyst expects Flowswhich is still a loss-making company today, will start turning a profit this year, improving the balance sheets ahead, and thus increasing the value of the shares.

Moreover, Pacheco also welcomed A Disney invests $1.5 billion in Epic Gamesthe creator of the game fortnite. “The idea is to create new content, and since the production company is currently one of the most successful companies in this field gamesand this opens a Interesting growth path “For business,” he said.

Finally, he highlighted Disney's decision to present a film flow Only from ESPN as of 2025.

For him, although there are some doubts about the partnership, it is important to remember that Sports content He is one of the few who managed to preserve Loyal fan base Nowadays – it is attractive to those interested in advertising products and services.

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For all this, the analyst is confident in Disney's investment thesis and states that he can still see Room for new highs in stocks.

Beyond Disney: Access more analyzes like this for free

What you saw above was an analysis by Enzo Pacheco regarding Disney's results. But I must warn you that there are other analyzes available to you for free.

Empiricus Research analysts provide, directly, Complete analyzes of companies releasing their results now.

In addition, they have also opened up their recommendations for each company now: if the time comes buying, He sells Or stay neutral.

Monitoring a company's balance sheets is essential, and in this way an investor can decide, based on the relevant numbers and data, Whether they are worth the investment or not.

But since reading a company's balance sheet report is a tedious task, requiring time and some understanding, Empiricus analysts decided Facilitating investors' access to these materials.

They read the reports, understood the numbers, and summarized the most relevant points for each company and Make their analyzes available for free.

This initiative is another step towards dissemination Financial education for individual investorsFor this reason, Dar Al-Analyz, which today is a company in BTG Pactual Groupwas created in 2009.

In addition to Disney's balance sheet, corporate balance sheets are now available to you:

  • Itau(ITUB4);
  • BTG Pactual (BPAC11);
  • Apple (AAPL34);
  • Target (M1TA34);
  • Microsoft (MSFT34);
  • Google (GOGL34); And more.

It is worth highlighting this Earnings season is still just beginning With the release of new results, New analytics It will also be provided to you.

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So, to check out the analyzes conducted by the Empiricus Research team, simply click on the link below and set free Free access:

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