Luisa Mel criticizes Zé Neto for using an animal to keep her promise

Luisa Mel criticizes Zé Neto for using an animal to keep her promise

Luisa Mill, 43, has criticized singer Zee Neto for her duet with Cristiano, after he made a promise to an animal. At that time, it was country side He promised to walk more than a thousand kilometers on a donkey.

“I learned that singer Zi Neto made a promise that I don’t know what and I’ll walk 1,180 kilometers on a donkey. Didn’t you make a promise? He kneeled in the corn, kept walking… I don’t understand I started.

I always show the tragedies that happen to animals on these pilgrimages. Horses die every year. Do you think God likes that? I accept all religions, everyone talks to God the way he wants, but you will keep the promise.

Finally, Luisa sent a direct, direct message to musician or instrumentalist And I asked him not to do this to an animal:

“Zé Neto, you walk, you ride your bike. The donkey has nothing to do with it. People should be role models. Who says: ‘It’s always been like this…’. Damn, but we’re here to change the world. We must fight for the animals.” She can’t scream and she suffers a lot in our hands.”

Singer Ze Neto spoke out after receiving criticism for the Hajj

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Also in Stories on Instagram, Zé Neto spoke out about the criticism. In videos, the singer showed the animals being fed as well as a medical box to say they are being well looked after during the Hajj. He also corrected the distance, saying that he would cover about 300 kilometers.

Take a look at the health of the animals, every “fat”, eats. This is to prove to you, because a lot of people are out talking, and that’s because you probably don’t know and don’t know. We rotate one animal a day here. Of course, we always maintain the best health condition of the animals. He said

NS UOL He also contacted Zé Neto’s advisor, who has not yet commented on the matter. Once the story gets to the other side, this text will be updated.

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