Lucas Loco talks about his conviction of the plagiarism of “Mozão”: “a clean conscience” | Song

Lucas Loco talks about his conviction of the plagiarism of "Mozão": "a clean conscience" |  Song

Lucas Loco He used Instagram to talk about the plagiarism lawsuit brought against him by singer Gabriel Banderas. Loco explains that he was convicted of stealing the song “I take care of you, you take care of me” on “Mozão”, a hit single released by The Citizen in 2014.

Despite the conviction, Loco says he had never heard Gabriel’s music before reading the news about plagiarism and said he wrote it before he became famous.

Without mentioning the agreed amount, the citizen still claims that he will pay the amount specified in the conviction, but says: “This payment will take place according to the decision that the man had, but in your heart, do you think I heard your music?”

“For those who don’t know, the song ‘Mozão’ is mine. I wrote the song myself, in Goiânia, at a time when I didn’t have a famous name. It was at the beginning of the singer’s start of my ‘career.’

Loco said 10% of the song’s recordings are in the name of Wilibaldo Neto, the song’s producer and responsible for the singer’s delivery.

The Citizen explained, “I had a bunch of music to record and I said, ‘Give Wilibaldo 10% of all these songs for a ride.’ It was ‘Mozão’ in the middle.”

“The song I supposedly copied is by an artist named Gabriel Banderas, and I came to hear this song for the first time after articles circulated on the internet. I apologize to Gabel because I didn’t really know him, I didn’t hear his songs.”

“This process has been going on for years, and a verdict has now been reached in the matter of how much I need to transfer to you. Obviously, according to negotiations with the legal part of my office, this matter will be settled.” Said the singer, wishing Cabriel success.

“I hope that somehow this money will be a blessing to you. But this is the justice of the man, this payment will take place according to the decision the man had, but in your heart, do you think I listened to music? I apologize, but I did not know your music.”

“I also apologize for causing you any kind of discomfort, but today I’m lying in bed, I’m going to lie on my pillow, with a perfectly calm conscience, crystal clear because I know I didn’t do anything wrong,” Loco concluded.

Clip was one of the most viewed sites on YouTube

Clip from “Muzau” Lucas Loco – Photo: Reproduction / YouTube

According to a survey, the clip garnered more than 51.5 million views throughout that year. The video tells the story of a woman suffering from cancer.

Lucas Loco during the recording of the project “De bar em bar” – Photograph: Marcel Bianchi / Devolgasau

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