Luan Santana invites Juliet for the video and says the poster is “open doors”

Luan Santana invites Juliet for the video and says the poster is "open doors"

Participating in the program “BBB – A Eliminação” from Multishow, this Wednesday (5), the singer Luoan Santana Submit two proposals for the winner ofBBB21“, Juliet: Star in the clip for her new song “Morena”, and she also said that her brand Sony Music is “open doors” if the hero is interested in starting a singing career.

“Watching Joe at BBB, I had an idea. But it was impossible to tell her about this idea because she was in the most watched home in the world, on planet Earth. Now I can tell you about this idea that I had, because we have the opportunity to speak for the first time,” she said The singer.

Luan revealed that his new song was composed by him and five other composers, one of whom was Juliet’s friend.

“Joe, I have a new song called” Morena, “which is a combination for me with Shelton, your friend that you know, and four other composers of my friends. And we made this song, which is going to be my next work song. And I waited for this moment, to invite you to be a brunette, new music video The inspiration for this song. I felt a desire to reveal my desire, to be at my job, which is unbelievable, “said the citizen.

In front of the attorney, makeup artist, and possibly a future singer, she answered if she accepted to participate in her clip, Luan actually edited it by overriding a letter from Sony Music offering her the opportunity to start a singing career.

“I was talking to the president of Sony today, and we would love to hear you sing. And he said,“ Since you are going to talk to her today, tell her that the doors of Sony Music are open, ”so that you can have a conversation, if it is your will,” added the singer.

At the time, other BBB participants who were also on the program were with her, in addition to the presenters Bruno de Luca e Vivian AmorimJubilant, they insisted that Juliet accept the invitations.

“Oh my God … Morena, yes, of course! And to invite Sony, I want to study just a little bit. I’m not sure yet, but the love for music is very strong in me and the desire is great. Juliet said” Maybe I want that. “

Paraibana won the 21st reality show Tuesday (5), with 90.15% of the vote. At home, Juliet caught attention multiple times when she shot her tuned voice singing several country songs, MPB and Gospel.

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