Jill’s mother demands respect after the son is the target of an anti-gay attack

Jill's mother demands respect after the son is the target of an anti-gay attack

Gacira Santana, motherBBB 21 Gilberto Nogueira, social networks, this afternoon, l Venting on the homophobic attack received by Flávio Koury’s son, advisor to the Sport Club de Recife soccer team.

The mother of the former “Big Brother Brasil” participant, in a post on Instagram Stories, admitted that she hurt her heart because of Gilberto’s grief and demanded respect and love regardless of her sexual orientation.

Gilberto’s mother regrets the anti-gay attack on her son

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“You can’t imagine how it hurts as a mother to see my son go through this … Guys, we are in the 21st century. We will have respect, common sense, and more love for others. You don’t have to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual to be against homophobia. Let’s have more love, please! ”Wrote Gacira.

Gilberto’s outburst

Shortly before that, Gilberto Nogueira used his Twitter profile to expose that he was the target of his first anti-gay attack since his departure. ”BBB 21He avoided mentioning the name of the Pernambuco manager, but promised to take action.

Today, a voice was released with The counselor’s homophobic crimes Mr. Flavio Curry Do Sport Club de RecifeAbout the video that Jill made supporting the team. He described BBB’s previous support as “disappointing”.

In BBB 21, Gilberto starred with Lucas Pintido The first kiss between two men in a history reality.

BBB 21: Gilberto Nogueira and Lucas Penteado kiss at the party - Clone / TV Globo - Clone / TV Globo

BBB 21: Gilberto Nogueira and Lucas Bentido kiss at the party

Picture: Play / TV Globo

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