Mingau, Ultraje a Rigor guitarist, shot in the head | music

Mingau, Ultraje a Rigor guitarist, shot in the head |  music

Mingau, guitarist for Ultraje a Rigor – Photo: Disclosure

Ultraje a Rigor’s guitarist, Mingau, was shot in the head, according to the band’s lead singer, Roger Moreira. The singer made a post on social networks during the early hours of Sunday (3), reporting that the guitarist is in Paraty (RJ).

“Baitist Mingaw has been shot in the head. He is in Paraty and needs a neurosurgeon. If anyone knows a surgeon available please let me know. Thank you!” Roger posted.

Afterwards, Roger mentioned that the porridge was taken care of and asked for prayer: “Now we ask you to pray, pray, think positively. Let us hope.”

According to the band’s website, Ming’ao celebrates his birthday on Sunday. Details of what happened to the guitarist, as well as his health, were not disclosed at the time of this report’s publication.

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Reynaldo Amaral, better known as Mingao, has been working with Ultraje since 1999. However, the band emerged in the 1980s.

During their career, Ultraje have scored several hits in the Brazilian music scene, such as “Inútil”, “Ciúme” and “We Will Conquer Your Beach”.

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