Louisa Brunet talks about her daughter Yasmine's presence in the Mais Você program

Louisa Brunet talks about her daughter Yasmine's presence in the Mais Você program

The gratitude of Luisa Brunet, mother of influencer Yasmin Brunet, for the behavior of Ana María Braga in an interview with her daughter, was echoed on social media on Wednesday (13). In a post, Luisa expressed her appreciation for the care and respect shown by the broadcaster during Yasmine's participation in Café com o Eliminado, part of the Mais Você programme.

Luisa's gesture of appreciation reflects not only the relationship between mother and daughter, but also public recognition of Ana María Braga's professional position. Jasmine's arrival at Estúdios Globo at around 10 a.m. marked the fulfillment of her schedule of post-elimination commitments from BBB 24.


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The influencer chose a flowing white dress with an eye-catching slit for her national media appearance, adding a touch of excitement to her look. His participation in the program Café com o Eliminado and later in Bate-Papo BBB with Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama gives viewers the opportunity to learn more about his journey inside the most watched house in Brazil.

Yasmine Brunet was the twelfth participant to leave the reality show, with a significant percentage of 80.76% of the audience votes. She was eliminated in a triple wall where she competed with Lucas Henrique and Isabel, where she was nominated by the leader of the week Beatriz. Jasmine's participation in the post-elimination shows not only keeps her engaged with the audience, but also provides a platform to share her experiences and perspectives on her journey on Big Brother Brasil 24.

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