Amid controversy with Ocaro Silva, Thiago Levert has canceled his participation in the final of ‘The Voice Brasil’

Amid controversy with Ocaro Silva, Thiago Levert has canceled his participation in the final of 'The Voice Brasil'

Tiago Leifert (credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

James Leverett He appeared again on social media on Thursday afternoon (23). After the pins he publicly exchanged with the actor Icarus Silva. Creating a series of stories on Instagram, the presenter announced that he would not be in the final of “The Voice Brasil”, which takes place today on Globo screen.

Today is the final of ‘The Voice’, it was my last night and I had a plan to go to Rio and be in the crowd, but it wouldn’t work, I wouldn’t make it, I haven’t traveled yet, I need to stay here in Sao Paulo near From my family, in time we talk about it.”

“I don’t wear an electronic anklet, and I haven’t been caught in car washes. We’ll talk in time. But I really wanted to be there, and I would do my best to watch because of the schedule, but I wanted to leave a kiss for the whole team,” he concluded.

Understand the controversy between Thiago Levert and Acaro Silva

This week, former “Big Brother Brazil” host and Acaro Silva spoke online after the global actor said he thinks the reality show is “normal entertainment.”

When he came out in defense of the gravity he had been presenting for 5 years, Thiago Levert responded that Ocarro’s view of the facts was not constructive criticism, but an unwarranted assault.

Watch the video:

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