Longevity Expert on Biden: 'He Seems to Be in a Decline' | Fabulous

Longevity Expert on Biden: 'He Seems to Be in a Decline' | Fabulous

Longevity expert weighs in on Biden: 'He seems to be in decline'

Biden, 81, is the oldest candidate to run for president in US history. weAge itself is not the problem, as the challenger is only three years younger. It was the Democrat's performance that set off the alarm bells.

At several points, he seemed to get lost in his answers. He froze, he paused. But it’s nothing new for Biden to have these “episodes.” Just over a month ago, he seemed to freeze during an event; last year, he fell on stage; and he’s forgotten important names during speeches several times. What could be going on?

“It seems to me, and I am not judging here as a doctor, that he is going through a process of deterioration. And that this deterioration is not only physical, but also cognitive. And the trend is that, over the course of 4 years, these stops, these bankruptcies, these hesitations have become more frequent than they are today,” says Alexander Kalachi, president of the International Longevity Center.

As we age, the brain shrinks because we lose neurons in a natural process. But science now knows that the connections between these cells are not as easily lost as previously thought, and can be restored. It all depends on a number of factors – including the level of stress.

“You know 95-year-olds who have cognitive ability that would make 40- or 50-year-olds jealous, and there are 40- or 50-year-olds who actually give false positives. There are even ways to reduce anxiety in order to maintain more than satisfactory performance,” says Calacci.

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