LoL: Riot Games is considering stopping releasing champions eventually | lol

LoL: Riot Games is considering stopping releasing champions eventually |  lol

With more than ten years of existence and 161 champions to date, Riot Games Considering stopping adding heroes to League of Legends (LoL) From time to time. The information was revealed by the company’s development lead, Matt “Froxzone,” during his participation in the Broken by Concept podcast, last Monday.

Riot Games is considering stopping releasing new champions eventually in League of Legends – Photo: Riot Games

According to the company’s development leader, there may be an interruption in the release of new heroes in the future. However, the CEO said it’s too early to do so, because the development team, in the words of Phroxzon, still has “a great deal of flexibility” to release new champions.

In an interview with the channel, Matt specified that the decision will be made at a time when the developer is no longer able to issue intuitive heroes to players. Additionally, he highlighted the interest in making the MOBA learning curve higher as heroes arrive with hard-to-understand mechanisms.

There are some things that make many heroes unsustainable. The first is if heroes are not self-evident. Let’s say I find Thresh. throw a “hook” [Sentença] And it looks like a “hook” but it’s skipping over someone. You’d be like, “What the hell is this?”. If we make non-intuitive heroes, making more of them is problematic because it exponentially multiplies the number of things you need to understand to play the game.”

Matt also noted that whenever Riot Games releases a new hero, the idea is for the character to be unique, but also very intuitive. An example he uses is Thresh Sentence (or “hook”, as it’s popularly called) to show that a developer wants to create skills that are easy to understand in the eyes of players.

In the interview, the development leader even referred to an example where some skills are not very intuitive, as in the case of Gwen and Holy Mist. In the words of Matt, the main stumbling block is the capability optics.

– In the case of Gwen, we wanted her gameplay to be on top of it. That is, it can reach the heroes who need it without being taken down by long-range heroes, for example. However, it’s hard to imagine a mechanic, Shen Chao has something similar to his Ult, but it’s easier to imagine because he’s invulnerable. But Gwen doesn’t stay, so it’s hard to represent that visually – he explained.

In 2022, Riot Games released four heroes: Zeri (shooter), Renata Glasc (support), Bel’Veth (hunter) and Nilah (shooter). In addition, the developer is planning a series of mods for existing heroes within the MOBA, such as Udyr.

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