Liga Inglesa: vaccinated people will be able to travel to the red list countries

Liga Inglesa: vaccinated people will be able to travel to the red list countries

The government announced on Friday (1) that fully vaccinated Premier League players will be able to travel to the UK’s red-listed countries during the break for national team matches, training or playing when they are quarantined on their way home.

Several clubs refused to release players in red-list countries such as Brazil and Argentina last month, and the Premier League now wants to avoid a similar situation that has revolutionized national associations.

Strict Covid-19 quarantine rules require those returning to England from one of the Red List countries to be confined to a hotel for 10 days, but now players can be quarantined in “designated facilities” and will be able to train or play.

“We are working closely with football officials to find an outcome that balances the interests of clubs and the state while maintaining the highest standards of public health and safety,” a government spokesman told Reuters. “Our best defense against the virus is vaccination, and these new measures will allow fully vaccinated players to perform their international duties in the safest and most practical way possible, while allowing them to train and play for their clubs as soon as possible after their return.”

Players returning from external engagements will be completely separated from the public for ten days, and “significant public health protocols and mitigations” will be adopted when they leave the facility to train and play with their teams.

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