Liam Payne says he received a R$200,000 bill at a bar in Brazil

Liam Payne says he received a R$200,000 bill at a bar in Brazil

One of his favorite memories of Brazil is one of his favorite memories of Brazil,” former One Direction member Liam Payne said in a live broadcast with fans on Instagram. The British singer claimed that during one of his visits to the country he ended up with 30,000 pounds sterling in the hotel bar, the equivalent of more than 214,000 Brazilian reals.

My favorite memory of Brazil was when I ended up paying a £30,000 bill in the pub while making my own drink. I learned how to make cocktails for the whole team and by the end of the night I was DJing and got the bill. I was like, “I’m not going to pay for the drinks I was making for other people.” Liam Payne

“No one on the team directed me, and everyone left, leaving me with the bill. So I put everything in someone else’s room (laughs), I jumped into the pool forgetting that I had expensive shoes I needed for the next show today and finished my favorite shoes,” added the artist .

“It was a good pool party, I was making a mojito. We should go back to Brazil, I want to go to Brazil, tell someone to hire me,” said the singer, laughing, who then spoke to someone next to him who told him. He is already scheduled to visit Brazil.

Liam came to Brazil in 2014 with One direction for the purpose of Offers in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in 2018 for a promotional schedule in Rio and in 2019, when he gave a solo show at the festival villa Mix, in Goiania.

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According to Kim, the singer revealed this Friday, in a conversation with fans on the Discord application, that he is scheduled to travel to Brazil at the end of 2021, but he did not go into details.

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