Learn more about February 19, the birthday of Tabua da Serra

Learn more about February 19, the birthday of Tabua da Serra

Taboão da Serra celebrates February 19 with its release date, or, as some prefer, its birthday. In fact, the city gained its sovereignty on January 1, 1959. Municipal Decree No. 02/60, in Article 1, the letter “A”, establishes the date 12/22/58 for the height of the municipality of Tabuao da Serra. Municipal Law 300/67 then set the date for February 19 to celebrate the city’s anniversary.

A project by the Tabuan City Council, on the initiative of the Executive, during the administration of Loretta Ortega Marie, standardized February 19 as the official anniversary day of the city, based on the argument that December was not appropriate because it coincided with the year-end celebrations.

But in world history, February 19, which is the fiftieth day of the year on the Gregorian calendar, is also an important date. Many political and historical events took place on this day, several personalities were born and died on the same date that Taboão da Serra celebrates his birthday.

On February 19, Saint Boniface is celebrated in Lausanne and Saint Conrado de Plasencia, saints of the Catholic Church. In Brazil, Sports Day is also celebrated.

Let us now take a trip to the past and remember the key facts that marked the nineteenth of February in human history.

In the distant year 607 he was elected Pope Boniface III, who had attained one of the shortest thresholds in papal history. Despite this, he made an important contribution to organizing the Catholic Church, setting the rules for papal elections, when popes were prohibited from nominating their successors.

In 1649, the Second Battle of Guararapes took place at Recife, and it was a decisive link in the Pernambucan revolt that culminated in the expulsion of the Dutch from Brazil. The battle is, symbolically, the origin of the Brazilian army.

The photo shows a reproduction of the Battle of Guararapes that took place on February 19, 1649

An important city was also established in 1737. For many years the municipality of Rio Grande was the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to being the oldest city in the state.

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On February 19, 1822, Nun Joanna Angelica died during a battle against the Portuguese army in Salvador, Bahia, when she defended the Monastery of Lapa. To this day it is considered a martyr for the independence of Bahia.

In 1841, Kendall County was established in the United States, and it is one of 102 counties in the US state of Illinois. The area of ​​Kendall is 836 square kilometers, of which 5 square kilometers are covered by water, and its population is 54,544 people, and the population density is 66 people / square kilometer, which is very different from Tabua da Serra, which has a population of about 11,200 people / square kilometer.

On February 19, 1878, American inventor Thomas Edison applied for a patent for his new invention: the phonograph, which would revolutionize people’s lives and be considered the first step in the cultural industry.

During World War II, February 19 was momentous. In 1942, two Japanese air strikes destroyed the Australian city of Darwin, and in 1945 about 35,000 US Marines landed in the Japanese city of Iwo Jima, starting one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

The most famous moment in this battle was the Marines hoisting the American flag. Experts consider Joe Rosenthal’s photographic record one of the 100 most important photographs of the twentieth century.

The American flag was raised on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945

In 1959, the same year that Tabuau was liberated, the United Kingdom granted independence to Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, south of Turkey, the closest country, followed by Syria and Lebanon. Today, since 2004, Cyprus is part of the European Community.

In 1962, the neighboring city of Osasco was also liberated. Until then, Osasco was a sub-district of the city of São Paulo and was growing rapidly, both in terms of population and in commercial terms. In 1952, the first symptom of emancipation appeared. The liberation movement suffered from many opposition and obstacles, but finally after a tumultuous referendum, on February 19, 1962, OSASCO became a municipality.

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In 1972, the first public color television broadcasts in Brazil were held in Brazil. The event chosen at that time was the Grape Festival, which takes place today in Caxias do Sul. At the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, or between capitalists and communists, as they prefer, the Soviets launched, on February 19, 1986, the Mir space station, which in Russian means peace. Originally designed to stay in space until 1991, it was in operation until March 2001.

On February 19, 1998, a new copyright law was enacted in Brazil. In 1997, Deng Xiaoping, the last Communist leader of China, lived in Beijing at the age of 92.

Who was born on February 19th?

Many international figures, artists, scientists and athletes celebrate on the same day in our city. who are they? See the list below.
1473 – Nicolau Copernicus, Polish astronomer
1525 – Clausius, Botanica
1908 – Henrique Foréis Domingues, Brazilian singer, songwriter and broadcaster
1908 – Iris Menberg, Brazilian politician
1910 – Walter Gray Walter, specialist in artificial intelligence
1917 – Carson McCullers, escritora americana
1932 – Alberto Dines, Brazilian journalist.
1936 – Martha Rocha, Miss Brazil
1940 – Saparmurat Niyazov, president of Turkmenistan.
1941 – David Gross, American physicist.
1943 – Richard Timothy Hunt, biochemist in the United Kingdom.
1948 – Pim Fortuyn, Dutch politician
1948 – Tony Ayumi, English musician, guitarist in the Black Sabath band
1952 – Evandro Mesquita, Brazilian singer and actor ________________
1953 – Massimo Troisi, Italian actor, director and poet
1954 – Socrates is a Brazilian football player
1955 – Jeff Daniels, American actor
1960 – Prince of England Andrew
1963 – Sell, English Songs
1967 – Benicio Del Toro, American actor
1972 – Billie Joe Armstrong, vocalista da banda Green Day
1977 – Gianluca Zambrotta is an Italian football player

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And who died on February 19?

1449 – Leonor de Aragau, Queen of Portugal
1822 – Joanna Angelica de Jesus, religious martyr for the independence of Brazil
1837 – George Bochner, German painter
1865 – Francisco Bilbao, Chilean writer
1878 – Charles Francois Dupini, French painter
1897 – Karl Weierstrasse, German mathematician
1913 – Francisco Pereira Passos, mayor of Rio de Janeiro.
1916 – Afonso Arinos de Milo Franco, Brazilian journalist, writer, jurist and member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters
1919 – Frederick Doe Kahn Goodman, English biologist
1924 – Dom Geronimo Tome da Silva, Brazilian bishop
1927 – George Brandes, Danish critic
1951 – André Gide, French writer
1952 – Knut Hamsun, Norwegian writer
1957 – Maurice Garin, French cyclist
1959 – Diogo de Macedo, Portuguese sculptor, museum and writer
1962 – Georgios Papanicolaou, Greek cytologist and pathologist
1980 – Boone Scott, lead singer, Australian rock band AC / DC
1981 – Osvaldo Auriko is a Brazilian writer
1981 – Zefrino Vaz, physician, professor, politician, former dean, and co-founder of Unicamp
1983 – Gardel Filho, Brazilian actor
1986 – Adolfo Celli, Italian theater and film director and actor
1986 – Francisco Mignone, Brazilian classic composer
1988 – Andre Frederick Kornand, American physiologist
1993 – Carlos Augusto Strasser, Brazilian actor
1994 – Derek Jarman, British filmmaker, web designer, artist and screenwriter
1997 – Deng Xiaoping, former president of China
2016 – Harper Lee, American writer
2016 – Umberto Eco, Italian writer
2019 – Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer
2020 – José Mojica Marins (Zé do Caixão), Brazilian filmmaker, actor, screenwriter and TV writer
2021 – Mia Thuy Thuy Kheng, an opposition demonstrator

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