Learn about the main names in Brazilian dirt today

Learn about the main names in Brazilian dirt today

Over the past few years, the UK-born genre has taken its own place in national rap, and has become a rage among the new generation of hip-hop artists.

In the early 2000s, Dirty Featured on pirate radios in London as a new form of expression for artists Underground, under strong influence تأثير dance Played for decades in the UK. However, the style took on a life of its own with the vocals of many rappers over the following generations, becoming one of the most influential genres in the region.

The release of Dizzee Rascal’s debut album “Boy In Da Corner” marked the beginning of a new moment in British hip-hop in 2003, leading to Dirty Final scenario the current By gaining tremendous insight by audience and critics. Fast-paced, aggressive BPM (beats per minute), with no major rules or standards between songs, to this day, presenters like Skepta, Stormzy, Slowthai, The Streets, Ghetts and many more have helped spread the beat around the world – including That’s Brazil.

In recent years, national rap has gone through various vocal transformations as part of cultural exchange with many other countries. So Dirty It occupied a space of its own within national hip-hop, and for many, represented an opportunity for young artists to grow on the scene and develop an authentic style, renewed by many other elements of Brazilian music, especially funk.

a Dirty Brazilian

a Dirty Settled in several Brazilian capitals during the 2010s, it became a fever from Sao Paulo to Salvador. The genre has become popular over the past decade, when a new generation of rappers conquered The the current in the UK and heard around the world, represented by names like Skepta and Stormzy.

However, in Brazil, the style had its first breath in the voice of Vandal, an artist from the Northeast who began to incorporate Dirty In his projects he quickly spread across the festivals of Salvador. In an interview with rolling rockThe rapper considered defining the city’s alternative scene with aspects of Jamaican music, such as ballroom e do Sound system, as crucial to the success of the genre in Bahia.

The genre has increasingly featured in national hip-hop music with several hit songs, including several tracks by Fleezus and Febem from São Paulo, together or individually. Little by little, the duo unraveled every beat in Dirty to explore it more deeply in his songs, to become a trademark of his future works – like “BRIME!” , 2020 EP produced and signed by CESRV that symbolizes the ultimate unification of Brazilian fashion style, or “Prem”.

Not coincidentally, the album cover perfectly translates the relationship between Dirty Brazilian with London ancestry. The ball that Corinthians defender Chicao stole from Chelsea star Eden Hazard in the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup Final is powerfully symbolic of how Brazil captured British roots of this kind (and football) and transformed it in his country. In his own way, recognizing even the English themselves.

Another critical milestone for the style’s success across the country was the creation of the “Brasil Grime Show,” a program that has welcomed artists from all regions since 2018 to beat their beats to the beat. Dirty From Rio de Janeiro producers Diniboy and ANTCONSTANTINO. Today, with 78,000 subscribers on YouTube, the channel has become a space for many to publicize their work and for many others to get along with music, breaking the boundaries that divided the audience.

Success Dirty In Brazil, it goes through different hands, and to deepen the expansion of the genre through national rap, the Song List It included some of its main representatives in the country today.

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Learn the main names of Dirty Brazilian current


He is considered by many to be one of the main pioneers in Dirty Brazilian, Vandal She is one of its largest representatives in the country to this day. The MC from Bahia was one of the first to attempt to blend the weight of the genre with the aesthetics of Brazilian music, which inspired many to follow the same path in the following years.

The rapper has a strong connection with the music scene in his hometown, having collaborated with many other famous artists who are prominent in the capital of Bahia. Among them stand out such names as Lord Breu, the producer with whom he signed several partnerships, and BaianaSystem, whose opening ceremony performances were staged by Vandal himself.

For many years, MC has been known for experimenting with his voice, mixing many influences from exercises e do UK Garage Long before hip-hop fever became national, as it is today. a Dirty It emerged as one of his inventions through musical events in Salvador, and quickly spread to city parties – a trend that would repeat years later in Brazil.

Vandal is currently working on creating his long-awaited first studio album, which has yet to be released. Meanwhile, the rapper released several singles that helped spread his artistic shout all over Brazil.


“I took a deep breath, looked at the dirt and it was real, I threw myself”Rima Flezos In “UEFA”, one of the first successes in her career marked her association with the genre. “Are you a major? I don’t know. I’m just turning around.”

The rapper appeared as an advocate Dirty Brazilian music is on the top shelf of national music in 2018, with the arrival of the single “BRASILREALGRIME”, although many of his previous works have already had such an impact. Since then, his relationship with style has only strengthened, with the release of several hit songs such as “12 Molas” and “Bonezin de Lado” attracting more fans and the emergence of his work.

Generalization prim In Fleezus’ voice, he took the MC to unprecedented heights in his path, reaching increasingly larger audiences and establishing himself as one of the greatest actors in his career. Dirty in Brazil. At the height of his fame, the Sao Paulo-born released his first studio album in 2020, introducing “Eskibaile” to the scene with songs like “Track Suit Mafia” and “City Runners,” as well as partnerships with Febem, Kyan, Leall, CESRV productions and Li -O and VHOOR.


Straight from the northern region of São Paulo, FIBM This is perhaps the most successful name for a program Dirty Brazilian today. The rapper has led a huge rise in numbers and audiences over the past few years, becoming one of the main figures in the new generation of national rap.

A former member of the group Damassaclan and Zero Real Marginal, the singer gained notoriety with the release of EP “Elevador” in 2016, recording his first studio contact with the genre alongside producer CESRV, with whom he will collaborate on several projects in the future, such as catchment “Running” water.

Released in 2019, the album marked a new stage in February’s career, which soon emerged as one of the great promises of Brazilian rap. Through partnerships with BK, Nill, Akira Presidente, and songs like “This is my Style” and “Bolt,” the artist saw his success grow exponentially over the following months – a trend that would be reinforced after the arrival of “BRIME!” in March 2020, which would incorporate Febem and Fleezus as two of the greatest spokespersons of this kind here.

In April of that year, the rapper released one of the greatest national rap albums of the year, “Jovem OG”. The album not only features the latest hip-hop finds such as Kyan, Jean Tassy, ​​Tasha & Tracie and Vulgo FK, but also features Djonga’s signature on the track “Me Paga”, which is a generational meeting that well symbolizes the importance of Febem’s voice in current music.


night He made his name known throughout Brazil in 2019, when he released his first big hit, “Cachorrada”. However, the MC from Rio quickly attracted attention for his talent for recording song after song in the following years, with an authentic personality in his voice that attracted some of the biggest national rap champions, such as Djonga and Sidoka.

With powerful effects from Dirty e do exercises In his songs from an early age, the singer represents like no one else the Brazilian aesthetic that the genre has incorporated over the past few years, making British percussion known as the rapper’s voice in the team’s shirts and side hats – a very different reality than the UK: more expressive and impactful, But it has been equally circumvented by crime and urban life.

“Criminal Influencer”, released in the same year, made Leall’s numbers grow even more, and he became recognized not only as an expert. beat maker, but also for his ability to create narratives amid his verses, which also cemented him as one of Brazil’s best artists in this art.

With the repertoire of “Esculpido a Machado,” one of the greatest national rap albums from 2021 until then, Leall must take on even greater journeys with the stories of struggle and social inequality he tells in his songs. With rich and inspiring tracks, MC is cementing himself more, with each release, as one of the country’s great promises in hip-hop today.

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