Launch puts Riot Games in a new world of entertainment

Launch puts Riot Games in a new world of entertainment

After a few years of waiting, lovers League of Legends The world’s most famous computer game – they finally celebrated. in partnership with Netflix, a Riot Games The series premiered on Saturday evening (6) in Los Angeles mysteriousInspired by the world of LoL. This is the first time that the gaming giant has taken a step in this type of content related to entertainment.

“This entry into the world of television is something completely new for us, it’s a different medium, it’s a different way of creating content, so it’s been a journey”One of the co-founders of Riot said, Brandon Beck. According to him, the company’s goal is to dive into storytelling with characters from the company’s games and their stories:

“We hope that Riot will keep its doors open for more storytelling because Arcane is content that fans have been asking for for a long time and I hope they like it.”

To take this new step, the company has hired strong people with experience in the entertainment world. was one of them Shauna Spinley, who took over as Riot Games’ head of entertainment nearly a year ago. After 15 years at Netflix, Spenley believes his expertise helped the gaming giant with this new venture.

“When I met the founders of Riot, they were looking to expand on this medium. I’ve done this many times before on Netflix and that’s what I’m trying to bring here.”, It is to explain. According to her, the company is developing more stories such as animation, live action, film and television.

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“We’re exploring and I hope to see more stories emerge. I think we have an exciting 2022 ahead of us.”

There is still uncertainty about the company’s next steps, but one thing is certain: fans were excited about the first three episodes of mysterious that was shown during the first show. With each new character that appeared, applause emerged indicating the audience’s delight.

“I loved the first chapter and am really looking forward to understanding more about the story of my favorite Jinx hero. I think the series will give us more information, one that we don’t get to access much within the game platform.”The player said Gabriel Camargo.

About the CEO of Riot, Nicolo Laurent, this dive into the world of characters is exactly what LoL fans requested and wanted: “If you have a favorite character that you play with a story that you don’t know, and you can look up that story on TV, it’s more cool and exciting. That’s why we do this and obviously if the players like we can do more”, Been completed.

The first three episodes of mysterious Available on Netflix. The second batch of chapters will be released on November 13, and the third will arrive on the 20th of this month.

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