Land Rover finished? What happened to the traditional English brand

Land Rover finished?  What happened to the traditional English brand


Before, there was a car maker named Jaguar Land Rover, and two brands: Jaguar and Land Rover. Here, to make it easier to understand, we will give the example of Stellantis. The automotive group in Brazil owns Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Abarth, Peugeot and Citroen.

Jaguar Land Rover has changed its name. Now, the automaker is JLR. JLR equivalent to Stellantis. In other words: an automobile group and a vehicle manufacturer. This renewed company now owns four brands: Jaguar, Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover (such as Jeep, Fiat, Ram, and others).

In Brazil, Defender has three models: 90, 110 and 130. Therefore, Defender is a brand, no longer a product. The products are 90, 110 and 130. And there is no more Land Rover Defender. We know that there is a lot of repetition of words here, which is not great in the text. But in this case, for better understanding, it is necessary.

Discovery consists of the Discovery and Sport models. Range Rover range from Range Rover, Sport, Velar and Evoque. In other words: there is no more Land Rover Range Rover Velar. Now, it’s Range Rover (brand) and Velar (model).

And Land Rover?

As seen above, Land Rover no longer exists as a brand, and has also been dropped from the car manufacturer’s name, which is now JLR. But then, does it still exist? This name has been preserved in the inscription and logo of some cars.

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