Kitty helps Marcos Oliveira, Beiçola in “The Big Family”, reach the goal and collect R $ 53,000

Kitty to Pichola from

Three days after its release, the virtual cat to help actor Marcos Oliveira, who is best known as Beiçola in the series A Grande Família, exceeded the goal she set at 30,000 Rials and has already raised 53,000 Rials to help the struggling actress.

Marcos Oliveira, Beiçola from the “Big Family”, says he lives with the help of a friend and fan in the pandemic: “I’m alone”

The cat was created by “reasons to believe,” after Marcus revealed that he was not working in a pandemic situation and that he needed. The 64-year-old actor also deals with some health issues, such as diabetes and a fistula between the prostate and bladder that causes inflammation. The help came from 1034 internet users, and the donation continues for another 21 days (to help, Access here).

Due to the pandemic, he was left without a job and began to rely on the help of friends and fans to buy food, pay rent and house bills, as he lives alone, in Botafogo, in the southern region of Rio, with three female dogs. He even sold some personal items, like costumes cut to stay alive.

In an interview with the podcast Just One Minute, last week, Marcus Oliveira spoke about the difficult moment he’s going through:

“I have a great friend who is in Europe who helps me from time to time buy something for me to eat. A fan from inside Sao Paulo made a cat there and deposited some money to pay my bills and help buy food as well.”

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“I’m alone, I don’t have a family. I only live with my three prostitutes. They don’t call me for anything, for any job. I want to have the opportunity to do other things.”

Actor’s last job at Globo was in the TV series “Deus salve o Rei” in 2018.

Kitty Pichola from The Big Family goes beyond the picture’s goal: reproduction
Kitty to Pichola from
Kitty Pichola from The Big Family goes beyond the picture’s goal: reproduction

Marcus Oliveira at home with his dog
Marcus Oliveira at home with his dog (Photo: clone / Instagram)

Marcus Oliveira was a Beiçola of
Marcus Oliveira was on Beiçola in “The Great Family” Photo: divulgação / tv globo
Beiçola depends
The ‘Big Family’ Piccola relies on the help of a friend and a fan to survive the epidemic Photo: Globo / Archive and Reproduction / Instagram

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