Alexander Correa accused of breaking down door in attack on Anna Hickman as he rages: ‘You destroyed my apartment’

Alexander Correa accused of breaking down door in attack on Anna Hickman as he rages: ‘You destroyed my apartment’

Alexander Correia denies breaking down the door in a fight with Anna Hickman.

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The dispute between Alexander Correa that it Anna Hickman It’s still in the news. After the broadcaster asked A Preventive measure against ex-husbandany He says to be They suffer from a lack of financial resourcesSome rumors spread on the Internet and I took him seriously.

In recent days, it has begun circulating on social media Picture of a broken door Which, according to rumors, will be from A fateful day when… Alexander Correa attacked Anna Hickman during the attack.

After rumors spread on the Internet, the ex-husband of the Record TV star used social networks to make a statement denying the information that was published. According to him, the image of the broken door refers to the day he spent The police raided his apartment looking for weapons:

“There are some profiles posting a damaged door that they say is the door from the day of the alleged attack on Anna Hickman. No. This door is from my apartment which was raided by the civil police on Thursday the 23rd,” he said. Businessman.

He then detailed what happened with the police, which happened after Hickman reported the firearms possession: “The police came and broke in looking for a firearm, and they didn’t find the firearm, and my apartment was trashed. The door in the picture belongs to my room.”

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last week, Alexander Correia has made his divorce filing from Anna Hickman official In light of all the controversy surrounding the couple’s separation. However, I sank in…

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