King Charles will appear on UK banknotes from June

King Charles will appear on UK banknotes from June

Banknotes featuring King Charles will go into circulation in the United Kingdom from June 5, the Bank of England said on Wednesday, more than a year after revealing the design.

The monarch's portrait will appear on £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes, and will continue to circulate alongside existing notes featuring the late Queen Elizabeth.

The Bank of England said the new Charles notes will be printed to replace worn out notes and only to meet any general increase in demand for notes.

The bank said the approach was consistent with Royal Household guidance and aimed to minimize the environmental and financial impact of the move.

This means new banknotes featuring the 75-year-old monarch, known for his involvement in environmental causes, will enter circulation “very gradually”, he added.

King Charles will be the second monarch to appear on UK bank notes after Elizabeth's 70-year reign ends in 2022.

The UK Royal Mint will begin issuing the first coins of its profile for public circulation in late 2022.

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