Kevin Feige regrets casting Tilda Swinton as the biggest role

Kevin Feige regrets casting Tilda Swinton as the biggest role

Sometimes we make mistakes trying to correct it and it just wouldn’t be any different Kevin Figi. In an interview with Men’s health, The producer overseeing all the advances of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, admitted to regret being chosen Tilda Swinton For the movie Doctor strange (Across The Hollywood Report).

The Supreme Witch

The actress brilliantly played the role BigA wise witch who submits patiently Stephen Strange To a world of magic. Dating in Avengers: Endgame When Bruce Banner goes back and explains to the world the dangers of temporal turmoil.

If Tilda eventually ended up delivering such a satisfying performance, you might wonder why Kevin Feige questioned his decision. The point is that in the comics, the character has a completely different appearance: It was A. Old Asian man.

Sheikha Tilda Swinton directed Stephen Strange to become Doctor Strange

Elderly whitening

The Elder originated at a time when comic writers had a very limited view of Asian peoples. Fit most male figures Stereotype A mystic villain or spiritual guide whose only job is to help the hero on his journey.

In order to refresh the movie’s character, Feige decided to cast a role that would originally be filled by an Asian celebrity, a world-famous European woman. An error became more evident with access Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

“We thought we were so clever and dissenting. We wouldn’t make the old and magical clichés out of Asia. But it was a slap in the face to realize” Well, wait a minute … is there any other way to solve this? Is there another way to not fall into the cliché and still star in an Asian actor at the same time? Of course, the answer is yes. “

Choosing an Asian actress will easily solve the problem

This issue became even more important this year after the wave of attacks in North America against Asian populations, which triggered the movement. ”Stop Asian hatredIt fights to respect immigrants and descendants of Asians.

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Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The first Marvel movie starring an Asian actor, begins Sep 3rd.

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