With Covid, Jojo Todynho “says goodbye” to fans and gets emotional

With Covid, Jojo Todynho "says goodbye" to fans and gets emotional

Jojo Todinho He did a live broadcast on his Instagram on Friday (7), where he took the opportunity to “goodbye” to his fans and friends, due to his Covid-19 infection.

“No, I’m not bad, no. I’m just saying goodbye, because if I get married [sic] It got bad, I already said goodbye. Who among us cannot say goodbye? ‘,” says Funkera, who gets emotional.

Jojo tested positive for the disease on Wednesday (5) and said he suspected the symptoms were migraines or bronchitis. While ‘Saving Goodbye’, a friend was at the same spot where Jojo was joking: “Oh, it’s so dramatic…”.

“So Nalva is kidding! What’s up Nalfa? Are you going to miss me?” Covid wants to take me,” Jojo jokes.

Despite the joking “goodbyes,” Jojo said she is taking care of herself and is under medical supervision.

“I never thought I would have been positive. Yesterday I was at the doctor, I had a severe headache. Today I managed to turn on the light. I thought it was a migraine attack. I was positive, but I am taking good care of myself while I am under medical supervision,” Jojo said.

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