Kate Middleton hid copies of her book with letters inside the UK

Kate Middleton hid copies of her book with letters inside the UK

After delivering a book last week, the Duchess of Cambridge decided to embark on a treasure hunt across the UK. Kate Middleton hid several copies “Holt Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020” People find them in different regions.

The announcement was made via a short video shared on Twitter on the official page of the Duke of Cambridge: “Let the search begin!”.

Inspired by the Govt-19 epidemic, the book contains 100 photos and reports from people across the country and aims to illustrate it. “Joint portrait of the United Kingdom during imprisonment”. All images were selected by the Duchess.

Last year, Kate asked people to send photos and accounts of various experiences and moments in the first year of the epidemic. In total, there were 31 thousand participants.

The book is divided into three chapters: “Helpers and heroes”; “Your new nature”; And “acts of kindness”.

Each of the hidden models has a gold sticker and a letter written by Ribbon and Kate. The selected 100 witnesses can also be hidden in some places “Who gave them hope while they were in prison”.

The book is supported by the global organization “The Book Fairies”, which allows people to hide books so that others can find and read them.

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Divide between the total value of the proceeds from book sales Mind, A mental health organization and a national portrait gallery sponsored by Kate. In fact, the 100 photos in the book will be part of the gallery’s collection.

The book, released this Friday, is already the fifth best-selling book in the UK.

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