Kaka Deniz denies that the statement about the character is an indirect statement of Simaria

Kaka Deniz denies that the statement about the character is an indirect statement of Simaria

Last Saturday (11/6), Kaka Deniz posted a sentence that referred to an indirect sentence to Simaria, after another disagreement between her and Simone, on Friday. This column addressed the excerpt in question, which reads “Theater shows talent, but behind the scenes your character is revealed.” Despite this familiarity with the duo’s current moment, Kaka stated that the post was not for his sister-in-law. Was it just a small coincidence?

The businessman said he used to say the phrase months ago on his course. Coincidence or not, the phrase – which fits the thinking of part of the classmates’ fans – occurs at a delicate moment between the two.

Despite playing nearly an entire show together on Saturday night (11/6), showing more harmony and harmony than on Friday (10/6), fans continue to keep their eyes peeled about what’s going on with the duo.

On Friday, Simaria was late for the show in which Simone performed practically on her own, until her sister, who was going to be feeling ill, reached the end of the show and pulled out a few more songs, even after Kaka’s wife had said goodbye to the audience. Yesterday, Simaria was also a little late, but soon her sister received her with a loving hug.

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