Justice forbids Fontenelle from citing the presenter

Justice forbids Fontenelle from citing the presenter

Antonia Fontenelle is prohibited from publicly citing presenter Luciana Jimenez. The initial restraining order was issued by Judge Valentino Aparecido de Andrade of the First Civil Court of São Paulo.

The lawsuit began after Fontenelle’s interview with Jorge Kaguro (citizenship – GO) in March, when the senator called Luciana “the call girl” and “disqualified,” which became for 30 seconds with Mick Jagger.

For this purpose, urgent, temporary protection is granted of a precautionary nature, to prevent the defendant from disclosing or referring, through his ‘Youtube’ channel, or by any other means of communication, including digital platforms, to the person of the author in any aspect of life. Personal or professional, or anyone interviewed on his program is allowed to refer to the author and his personal and professional life, “says an excerpt from the decision signed by the judge.

According to the court order, Antonia Fontenelle is also subject to a fine of 20,000 reais if she publicly mentioned Luciana Jimenez, which may not respect the court’s decision.

In the process, which is still pending at the Pinneros Regional Forum, in the province of São Paulo (SP), Gimenez requests that Fontenelle be sentenced to compensate her for moral damage. The lawsuit’s value in registering the transaction is R $ 10,000.

in April, Kaguro has also been banned from publicly citing Luciana Jimenez. The senator will also pay a fine of 20,000 reais if he does not comply with the decision. A criminal complaint was also filed by the program’s presenter, alleging defamation and injury.

In contact with TwitterLuciana Gimenez’s team reports that the presenter cannot comment on the injunction at this time.

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Antonia Fontenelle said in posts on Instagram Stories that she was “censored” after the decision. “They say it is a judicial order in emergency protection (laughs). But my people, I am dead,” he wrote.

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