BBB24: Beatrice clashes with Juninho after calling her 'overrated' and gets reversed; He watches

BBB24: Beatrice clashes with Juninho after calling her 'overrated' and gets reversed;  He watches

BBB24: Beatrice clashes with Juninho after calling her “overrated”; Watch (Photo: Reproduction/Globo TV)

The atmosphere between the “BBB24” brothers is still tense… This Saturday (3), it is Beatrice's turn to talk to Juninho. The sister called the motorcycle courier to get satisfaction after he told Alan he thought the saleswoman was “overrated.” The detained man was in the gnome's room when Beatrice asked to speak. Then the two went to the bathroom of the house.

The saleswoman had told Alan, Matthews and Denizian earlier that she would call him to chat. She began by recounting what she heard from her allies in the game. “I figured it out, Juninho I've mentioned to my friends that you're uncomfortable with my lifestyle. I found it a bit inelegant, because you didn't come up to me and talk.I started.

“You don't like my way, I respect it, and that's your opinionYou have every right. But for the same reason, you know? Exaggerate the party. I don't know if it's also about collecting things and doing them, which bothers you. “As far as I know, it’s about the party.”said Beatrice. Juninho replied: “And yesterday too. It was bad in the room.”

Beatrice responded to her brother's statement: “No…about yesterday, Juninho, I think if I'm going to talk, it's between me and Fernanda.” “But he made a mistake, he made a mistake.” shoot. “I think it's between me and Fernanda, anything I have to resolve, it's between me and her. Because the clash was right… I don't think it's appropriate to talk to you here.” The participant explained.

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Juninho responded by saying that the sisters' friends should not participate in the conversations either. “No, but they are my friends, Juninho.” She said. “Yes, I'm her friend too [Fernanda]”The brother said. “But you can talk” Beatrice said. “So I'm talking, but you say I can't talk.” He said.

Since then, the conversation has been heating up. Juninho pointed out some instances in which he found Beatrice's position exaggerated. “I'm here to live, Juninho. I'm here for what I am, for my story. So, it's not you, not A, not B, not C that will make me different. She replied. “I say I find it unpleasant when you take my friends and talk about me, and come up to me and talk.”he added.

“Quiet! When I have another opinion about you, I will make sure to clarify it. But if I have to explain it to others as well, then there is no problem.He mentioned. The saleswoman said she found this kind of behavior inelegant. “Wow, but do you want to talk about being inelegant after what you did yesterday?”– asked the motorcycle courier. The sister said that she would not discuss the matter with him, because the clash was with Fernanda.

“Of course you don’t want to comment because you want to find out my mistake, but are you willing to admit your mistake?” The brother asked. “Aren't you defending your friends? Aren't your friends standing by you? I'm defending my country. What you did was terrible. Very inelegant.”He said.

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Beatrice asked him to talk to the Mirrors about it, but the brother responded back by saying that she couldn't fight alone, only when she was with her group of friends. The two ended up arguing, but soon they each went to a different room in the house.

What the two didn't realize while they were talking was that there was a participant trying to hear everything behind the door. Beitel kept his ears open to listen to the discussion. She was in the room with Fernanda, Rodrigueño and MC Bin Laden. The sister even called Fernanda to hear the fight, but the leader of the week said she couldn't hear it.

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